Guided backcountry skiing/snowboarding tour (Vail Pass)

No more hiking uphill, we will take you up on snowmobile or snow cats (based on group size), and you will experience the deepest powder terrain in Colorado!

No more waiting in the lift line, fresh powder ALL DAY guaranteed!

What to expect:

  1. A LOT OF FUN!
  2. A LOT OF FUN!
  3. A LOT OF FUN!
  4. (Seriously…) Backcountry tours usually runs from 9am-3pm with 1.5 hour lunch break. We will provide light snacks (salmon, yogurt, cheese and meat, fruits etc.) and drinks.
  5. This tour usually includes at least 6 runs, we will provide partial refund if we end the day early due to weather conditions. We cover at least 8000 vertical feet per day. In an experienced small group, we may be able to do up to 20,000 vertical feet a day.
  6. Weather: the place we go to generally have amazing weather, deep powder, and low avalanche risk. That being said, if it’s a complete whiteout, or the avalanche risk is high, the tour may be rescheduled for your safety. (This situation is rare, but it may happen. )
  7. Communication: We will provide radar for everyone to communicate, since part of the mountain we go may not have phone services, when there is phone service, the battery may die in minutes due to the low temperature.
  8. Skiing/Snowboarding Skill Level: due to the terrain we go to, it would be better if the participants can ski down the easy black runs.

What to bring:

  1. Skis and snowboards!! No need to bring skins or any AT gear, since we will bring you up and down the mountains. We do recommend to bring powder skis/boards since the powder will be DEEP….
  2. Skiing gear! Helmet (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED), googles etc…
  3. Food and snacks
  4. This sounds dumb….but dress warm. Snowcat is generally warm, but riding snowmobiles….not so much….so dress warm!

Price: (per person/day)

1 person: 300 (Snowmobile)

2 people: 250 (Snowmobile)

3 people: 225 (Snowmobile)

4 or more: 200 (Snow Cat)

Come join us for adventures!!! Powder is waiting…

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